Women and Depression After Postpartum – What You Need To Know

Several women fall prey to postpartum depression after the birth of a baby. The problem causes unrest in the house and affects the lives of all the family members. The physical, emotional, and behavioral changes occur in a woman when you say that a particular woman is suffering from postpartum depression. Many factors are involved in the issue under discussion.

How to understand postpartum depression and its causes?

The postpartum depression is related to chemical, social, and psychological changes associated with the birth of a baby. After the birth of a baby, several mothers feel depression unknowingly. According to the doctors, the chemical changes cause a rapid fall of hormones after the baby’s birth. The reasons for chemical changes have not been clearly discovered. However, the general reason what is known and described by the doctors is the tenfold increase in the female reproductive hormones during the period of pregnancy. After the baby’s birth, the female reproductive hormones fall at rapid speed. The doctors say that the level of these hormones gets back to the before pregnancy position.

What are the general symptoms of postpartum depression?

The chemical changes occurring in several moms cause postpartum depression in them after the childbirth. The symptoms include difficulty in sleeping, excessive fatigue, appetite changes. The other excessive symptoms are observed; for instance, the woman suffering from postpartum depression feels helpless. She becomes hopeless; behaves others very harshly. Also, she does not feel pleasures in the affairs of life. Suicidal thoughts also arise in the mind of a woman suffering from postpartum depression.

Does a woman get normal after a time?

Postpartum depression becomes a great issue for a woman suffering from it. The other family members also suffer from the behavior of the patient. The patient loses confidence in the family members. The children get depressed. The patient needs to be taken to a doctor or a hospital for the treatment. As soon as the patient recovers, the family life turns to be normal. It is important to note that the patient should not be isolated while in such a condition. The patient needs your great support to recover. Don’t realize the patient as if she is no longer a normal person. Such an attitude towards the patient adds to the worries of the patient, and she sometimes attempts or commits suicide. Of course, the patient gets normal with proper treatment.

What are the major factors causing postpartum depression in women?

A lot of factors can be discussed that cause postpartum depression.

· Unwilling pregnancy

Unwilling or unplanned pregnancy becomes a great cause of depression among many women. They were not willing to get pregnant, but it occurred by chance despite using birth control methods.

· The age factor matters

The postpartum depression has been observed among mothers at a younger age. The more, the younger you are, the higher the risk of postpartum depression. In the backward areas of the world, the girls are married at a very early age. The high rate of postpartum depression is observed in those areas of the world.

· History of depression

Some women have a history of depression; for instance, they have gone through a tragic incident before getting pregnant. Some people suffer from depressed mood by birth; postpartum depression is likely to occur to them after giving birth to a baby.

· Getting pregnant many a time

Getting pregnant many times causes postpartum depression in some women. They suffer from malnutrition during and after pregnancy. They feel hopeless and helpless and eventually suffer from postpartum depression.


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