What You Need To Know About Babies And The Technology Around Us

 What You Need To Know About Babies And The Technology Around Us

Many of the parents call their children as the internet generation these days. They are right at a large extent. The children of today are better facilitated with multiple technology and apps than the children of the past. Even babies have access to smart technology, and they enjoy it with keen interest. Let us evaluate the babies’ interaction with the technology in the following lines.

Baby and simple toys

The human baby starts taking an interest in its surroundings right after the age of 3 months. It starts stretching its arms to catch things. The colors attract the baby, and it looks at the colors with keen eyes. It is the time when the baby is provided with little toys to catch them with one or two hands. The baby sucks everything that reaches its hand.

Baby and electronic toys

Right at the age when a baby starts sitting straights without any support, it gets attracted to several things. It is the time when a baby can easily be provided with electronic toys. Electronic gadgets are found in a variety of forms and figures. Especially the electronic toys are located in the animal figures. They carry multiple functions, including the movement of body parts and music. Some of the toys run forward, and the baby chases them. The baby gets more active and learns how to make a struggle to catch things and react to different movements in their surroundings.

Interaction with screen

The Internet has penetrated deep into your daily affairs. Not only you, but your babies go under the influence of the internet day in day out. When you carry a Smartphone in your hand, and your baby is sitting in your lap, your baby will definitely get attracted to it. Earlier only the color and movement on the screen will attract it. With time, the baby will start taking a keen interest in the action happening inside. There will be a smile, amazement, or scare on the baby’s face as a reaction to the action happening on the screen.

Technology relieved mothers from baby care

The technology is parting babies from mothers. On the one hand, the mothers remain indulged in the mobile screen; on the other hand, they also make their babies addicted to screen. The baby sits in front of a computer or TV screen and watches cartoons and other similar programs with interest.

A variety of baby apps

Keeping the babies’ keen interest in the screen, the software engineers developed multiple baby apps for their interest. The apps carry numerous programs to attract and amuse babies. The multiple baby apps including

  • Much
  • Hoop
  • Baby time
  • Bubble
  • Baby monitor 3G

The baby apps keep your baby involved all the time it stays in front of the screen. The babies learn a lot by getting deeply involved in the apps specially designed for them. However, a question arises when the baby gets deeply involved into the app; for instance, Is it right to let the baby stay in touch with screen more often?

The Technology VS Parental Affection

One the one hand, the mother is deeply involved in the Smartphone’s screen; on the other side, the baby is looking at the TV or computer screen so keenly. The mother and the baby have been parted from each other by the technology. Where is parental love?

Of course, it is a sorry state of affair. The mother is no longer interested in the better grooming of the baby. It is the time when the baby needs the interaction with the mother. Sitting in front of a screen, the baby suffers from many side effects.

What mothers need to know!

Getting involved in the screen putting aside your baby is unfair on your part. Your first and foremost duty as a mother is to pay attention to your baby’s better development. No technology can be a substitute for parental love and affection. The baby is part of your body and soul; it needs your attention and care. Of course, you can use the technology to better train your baby; however, keeping your baby away from your other activities is unfair. It is not an assumption; it is happening around the globe. The Smartphone has parted the mothers from babies. The babies are being groomed under the influence of technology. Parental love losing its effects. The mother and the father can only sow the seed of love in the heart of a baby; otherwise, the baby groomed under the influence of the technology will behave like machines, having no feelings, emotions, and sentiments. Of course, technology is the need of the hour; however, it should not part the parents from children.