How Startups can Leverage Social Commerce

Businesses and brands are consistently gaining the attention of potential customers through the years using the social media platform. The choice of social media as a platform for long-lasting business expansion is not far-fetched. In recent times, businesses have built and maintained a relationship with customers through social-media. Therefore, social e-commerce, which uses various social […]Read More

Ideas and Tips to make your Website sell more

One of the positive effects of the COVID 19 pandemic was that many people acknowledged the importance of putting their businesses online. This led to an increase in the number of online services and increased competition between online traders. Running an online store is easy and could be a long-term business strategy for those who […]Read More

8 Important marketing goals for your online store

An online store without a marketing goal is like a fish taken out of water; it will barely survive. If there is no marketing strategy to attract and keep the right kind of customers, operating the store will be solely on chance.  E-commerce is a fast-moving industry with changes coming up now and then. To […]Read More

The advantages and challenges of work from home

Considering the rate at which things are fast evolving and an increase in adaptations in the corporate world especially in response to the current pandemic, the idea of working from home has become widely accepted. Many companies have strategized easy ways to ensure productivity and have devised means to maintain efficiency working from the comfort […]Read More