How Startups can Leverage Social Commerce ?

 How Startups can Leverage Social Commerce ?

Businesses and brands are consistently gaining the attention of potential customers through the years using the social media platform. The choice of social media as a platform for long-lasting business expansion is not far-fetched. In recent times, businesses have built and maintained a relationship with customers through social-media. Therefore, social e-commerce, which uses various social media platforms to increase recommendations, collaborations, and networking, has come to stay.

Social e-commerce are social media platforms used to make a more personalized and targeted shopping experience for customers. It brings e-commerce functionality directly into social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, twitter, Pinterest which enables satisfied customers to easily recommend your brand.

Persons who do not know how to use social media platforms can apply for certification courses which will serve as a guide that can be used to leverage and transform businesses. Here are some ideas to enable a person, including startups, to leverage social e-commerce.

#1. Build content

Your content is meant to communicate value to your consumers. Your content may vary based on your audience’s interest. The good thing about social media content is that it accommodates videos, images, audio, and any form of unique, high-quality content, so get busy and keep building content.

It is advisable to use social media channels to promote your content and be relevant to your overall strategy. Express yourself and everything about your business in your content to keep you ahead of your competitors using as many social channels as you like. Remain consistent and understand that the audience in your social media is not limited and can reach people you have not yet been identified with.

#2. Build customer care

Imagine having a brand that promotes not just their own marketing interest but lets their consumer know that they also have their interests at heart. Consumers are more interested in purchasing from companies they believe will provide outstanding customer care services. The good thing about social e-commerce is that it serves to provide excellent customer service to meet the expectations of the customers.

Customer service can vary based on the business. You can choose to respond directly in your social media handles at the comment session. On the other hand, you can decide to respond to the customers through email or putting a call across to their provided phone number. Most businesses have customer care that does not respond to questions, which is very bad for businesses, especially in crisis management. Having a medium through which the customers can easily reach you builds transparency between the consumers and business owners.

#3. Present customer reviews

Providing reviews is important to help people know if this is the brand they are looking for. Let your potential customers know what other people who have patronized you say about your products and services. This will help you build a stronger and credible brand.

 A good business has nothing to fear about a bad review, and even when there is a bad review, it only creates an avenue to help such businesses resolve and grow their brand. Every consumer will prefer to be informed on time about the pros and cons of a business than to purchase it before finding out that something about the product doesn’t sit well with them. Reviews and FAQ will go a long way to increase sales.


If you haven’t considered the importance of leveraging on social e-commerce yet, you may be missing out on a lot of value that can help build your business. Suppose you are a startup and you are concerned about not having the right audience at a target time, social e-commerce may just be your bail out system. But before you dive in head on, first take out time to  consistently research more ways to leverage social media for your businesses. You can leverage many social media platforms with high engagements, and providing the right content will easily increase sales for your business.