Checklist of Must-haves When Travelling With an Infant, a Toddler, or a Teenager

 Checklist of Must-haves When Travelling With an Infant, a Toddler, or a Teenager

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Going on a long journey for the first time with an infant is very difficult for a mom. How to keep an infant in comfort while travelling by air, bus, or by train? The infant needs feeding, cleansing, sleep and free body movement. A long stay of a baby in the mother’s lap, discomfort it on a journey. The mom needs to know everything about the baby’s comfort and ease in this regard. The following checklist of must-haves helps a mom better treat her baby on the way to her destination.     

1. Make lists of things before leaving for the journey

Before going on a long journey, you need to think about your baby’s needs and their provision. Write them down.

2. Put Important Things in a Bag

Carry a handbag with you to keep all the necessary items that you necessarily need to nurse your baby.

3. Arrange Diapers for Baby

Arrange for some diapers/nappies, sanitizing wipes and diaper cream that can be sufficient enough to keep the baby comforted. After three to four hours a baby starts crying being uneasy with the dirty diaper. You need to change it on time for baby’s satisfaction. Your negligence not only will disturb you but also to the other passenger.

4. Arrange Milk for baby feeding

Arrange for baby’s feed if you don’t breastfeed your baby. It should be easily prepared without leaving your seat. 

5. To heat the milk

If you have some milk in a bottle for the baby you can seek the help of the crew to warm up milk or another food item.   

6. Put Some Extra Clothes According to the climate

You are going on a long journey; you need to keep extra clothes for you, your partner and the infant. On a long journey, the passengers have to change their clothes when the temperature changes. For instance, you are traveling from UAE to the UK; you are shifting from a hot to clod atmosphere. The dress you had worn at the start of travel will not keep you warm right in the UK environment. Similarly, you should change your baby’s clothes.

7. Take a Warm Sheet for Babies

You need to keep the baby’s blanket with you to keep the baby warm and comfortable in the low temperature of an airplane.

8. Take extra snacks and Cookies

Keep some extra cookies or some snacks to eat at regular intervals. Your toddler or teenager may feel hungry from time to time, and it will be clever to be ready once he is.

9. Provide toys to the baby for the playtime

A healthy baby does not sleep all the time while you are on a long journey. The baby will awake after two to four hours of sleep; after feeding you can hand over the soother or a little toy to the baby to play with.

If you are travelling with a teenager, bringing his favorite belongings like his hoverboard may bring fun to the trip.

10. Arrange tablet for entertainment

You can keep a tablet with a headphone to entertain your baby if it is at the age of 24 to 30months.

11. Spray Pillow

Baby pillow spray keeps the baby comforted in the blanket. However, you need to know that the spray should not carry gas inside. The gas spray is not allowed on the airplane.

12. Buy additional clothes

If you are going to spend your long holidays with your parents or with the in-laws, you need to shop for some extra dresses for your baby and you and your partner as per the atmosphere of your destination. The dress rates are different in different places. The baby’s clothes that you buy from a shop near your home may be four times cheaper than the baby dresses you buy from the shop at your destination. Your budget will badly disturb if you shop there.

13. Pack Extra Things with Yourself for Personal Use

For a long journey, you need to keep some of the most important things about your personal use in your handbag. A little make-up kit should also be there in the handbag. You can relieve yourself after landing at the airport. You change your dress; apply some make-up on your face to look presentable when you are received at the airport by your dear and near ones.

14. Medic Check ups Before leaving for travelling

Before going on a long journey with your infant, you need to have your baby properly examined by a doctor. The infants cannot acclimatize with the new climate quite easily. Most often, newborn babies have some infections that become more severe in new places. The doctor not only examines the baby but also prescribes some of the essential medicines that protect the baby from infections during the journey and stay at a new place. Carry the medicine and prescription in your handbag. It is most probable that the new babies suffer from an ailment in the new climate.

The long travel with an infant or baby is not as easy as you travel alone or with adults. The baby’s needs are different from adults. To provide the baby with all the necessities on time, you need to prepare a complete checklist much earlier than starting your journey. Seek the help of senior ones in making a travel checklist. Your first travel with an infant will be very comfortable if you succeed in making the best checklist. Having prepared a checklist, arrange for all the necessities from home and market. Your partner will also be a great help in arranging for all that is needed.

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