8 Important marketing goals for your online store

 8 Important marketing goals for your online store

An online store without a marketing goal is like a fish taken out of water; it will barely survive. If there is no marketing strategy to attract and keep the right kind of customers, operating the store will be solely on chance.

 E-commerce is a fast-moving industry with changes coming up now and then. To penetrate and remain relevant, an online store will need to develop a set of marketing goals to guide its operations. What are some of these marketing goals to consider?

#1. Growing your email list

Your online business records a level of success when you get people to visit your website. As good as that is, it is not the end. Finding a way to develop a continuous relationship with them is very vital to the success of your online store. An email list will help you build a relationship with your customers. When people visit your online store, and you lead them to take action by signing up for your mailing list, it’s a good sign. It shows they are ready to continue receiving updates from your brand. Through an email list, you can generate and boost your sales.

#2. Increasing traffic relevant to your business.

For an online store to be considered successful, many people will consistently visit the site known as traffic. In its marketing approach, an online store should attract people interested in the products they offer. As an online store owner, you may have to pay attention to the traffic you are getting to find the conversion rate. Finding the conversion rate will help you know if your marketing effort is generating the right traffic.

#3. Using other marketing tools aside from blogging.

Almost every online business makes use of a blog as a way of reaching and interacting with customers. While blogging has proven to be an effective marketing tool yet, online stores should also not restrict themselves to this tool. Online stores can consider podcasts as well as the use of videos in reaching the target audience. So don’t limit yourself to only written content. Try out audio and video too. Diversifying the tools used in marketing will even help you know the type of content your customers interact with.

#4. Making your website user-friendly.

As an online store, many people will be logging in using different devices. While setting up the website, ensure it is done in such a way that it will accommodate other devices. Also, let your website be mobile-friendly as this will work to your advantage. With the new google mobile-first index, priority will be given by Google algorithm to mobile-friendly websites. This means that the more mobile-friendly your website is, the easier it is to rank high in people’s search.

#5. Building customer loyalty.

It will cost you more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one as an online store. One of the essential goals every online store should aim at is customer retention. There are several customer loyalty programs that an online store can maximize to retain customers. These loyalty programs can come in the form of a special discount for repeat customers, gift cards, and others. If the strategy you choose is compelling enough, you will gain their loyalty and possibly their referrals.

#6.Increasing volume of sales.

Every business aims to make a profit, and more sales mean more profit. All the other goals listed above all work together to ensure one thing: increased sales volume. Look into your business and find out the strategy that gives you more sales, and plan your marketing plan using the information.

#7. Working with social media influencers

Influences are men and women who have a large following on social media and can get your product in front of more people. When you reach out and develop a relationship with these influencers, you can rest assured that more people will see your product. No matter the type of business, working with influencers can help get your product to your target audience.

#8. Getting new customers

There is no point in having so many new contacts if none of them convert to customers. Every online store should channel its marketing and advertising efforts towards a select group that would convert.


A marketing goal gives you direction. Knowing where you want to get to will help you develop the right marketing tools to apply. Take out time to think of your goals and develop the right strategy to penetrate the market.